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Basant Utsav or Dol Utsav is a very popular festival in India that is celebrated during the springtime every year. And the one celebrated at Shantiniketan in the state of West Bengal is world-famous. Muktadhara Guest House is situated at Sonajhuri, 2 km away from the Shantiniketan. During this peak period, thousands of tourists flock to these spots to enjoy the Spring festival in Shantiniketan style. And they need a place to stay. So it is an ideal time to do business especially when it is that of hotels and guest houses.

Services Provided

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Paid Ad on Social Media (Facebook)

  • Graphic Designs


  • Hotel


  • One-time (February - March 2020)

The Requirement

During the 2020 Basant Utsav season (8-10 March), the guest house wanted to boost a social media post for brand awareness as well as lead generation in the Indian market.

The Solution

A very simple informative Facebook image post was created. The post talked about the location and rate of the rooms during the season. The target audience and region were set and the post was boosted.

Some basic features of the post layout

  • Bright and colourful just like the colours used in playing Dol in India.

  • The imagery of a dancing troupe of Shantiniketan has been used.

  • Images of the guest house from outside and inside were used also.

  • Basic information like room rates, terms and conditions, address, etc. are mentioned in the post.

  • Language used: English & Bengali combined

The Budget

The ad was run for 4 days on Facebook with a total lifetime budget of only INR 300/- (Taxes extra)

Cost per post engagement

The cost per post engagement was exorbitantly low. It was only 0.16 INR.

The Performance of the post

The post was able to draw the attention of the targeted audience resulting in 16K + reach and 1.9K+ reactions.

The Results

The post engagement campaign spread brand awareness during the holiday season. People liked and shared the posts to spread the news, inboxed and commented to know more about the room rates in other seasons, etc.

Additional benefits

The campaign helped gain customers for the whole season. The campaign was run from 14 February to 18 February and by 28 February all 10 rooms of Muktadhara Guest House got booked.

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