Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is an integral part of today’s business. It is the most trusted way to develop an authoritative online presence. It helps you understand customers’ behaviour and their spending habits. Using this knowledge, you can create effective strategies that boost your business growth and revenue. It also helps you to specifically target your ideal audience.

Digital Marketing Consultation

You might feel a bit lost if you are new to digital marketing but don’t worry we got your back. At SB Digital we take care of all of your queries and doubts.

My process involves

  • Goal Setting:- Comprehensive discussion to review your website goals, SEO history, competitor reviews, and a summary of how you would like to improve your website performance.

  • User Experience Audit:- Review your website or application in detail, noting how a first-time visitor experiences your website – the positives, the negatives, and everything in between.

  • SEO & Technical Audit:- A diagnostic look "under the hood" of your site programming and performance to get a complete overview of your online presence.

  • Recommendations:- Follow-up discussion to walk through findings and recommended action plan.

Website Audit

What is a Website Audit

A custom website audit by SB Digital is a full review of your website's effectiveness. Our process starts with an intake discussion to review your website goals, SEO history, competitor reviews, and a summary of how you'd like your website to better perform.

Why You Need to Audit your Website

Not all websites are created equal. Some websites have been up for years unchanged; some use content management systems that do not accommodate good SEO practices; some are built by designers who do not have the background in site architecture that boosts the visitor experience. In summary, this is why you need a website audit:

  • Designers usually do not accommodate good SEO practices

  • A website analysis allows you to get a professional health check on your website

  • Our website audit report will provide you an action plan to remedy issues found during our analysis

  • We provide customized maintenance programs to fit your specific needs

Website audit service involves

  • Full, customized website review – not a cookie-cutter template approach

  • Site architecture analysis and recommendations

  • Indexing, 404's (Page Not Found), 301's (Page Moved Permanently) and other technical reviews

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) overview

  • Specific content management system analysis

  • Web design recommendations

Search Engine Optimization

Wisespecs uses a variety of advanced, proprietary search engine optimization tactics to increase rankings for your website.

Our SEO plan includes:

  • SEO Audit:- we perform an SEO checkup to identify SEO ranking factors that need to be addressed

  • Keyword Research:- we research the best keywords that offer the best results from page one rankings

  • Website Optimization:- we optimize your website by refining text & SEO factors that affect rankings

  • Content Marketing:- we write new content with highly SEO optimized copy that Google loves to see

  • Off-Page SEO:- we have an SEO process of tasks that we perform outside of your website to boost rankings

  • Link Building:- we strategically build internal and external links on your website

Social Media Marketing

Nearly everyone has a social media presence today, including both individuals and businesses. With help from our comprehensive social media optimization services, we can create a social media presence that engages consumers and boosts your bottom line. Our world-class SMO services cover every aspect of social media marketing strategy development and execution, from social media analysis to social media content production.

Our Social Media Optimization Services Include

  • Social Media Presence Analysis:- Initially, our team of digital marketing and management experts reviews your current social media presence. We identify areas for improvement and areas that need expansion.

  • SMO Strategy Creation:- After an in-depth analysis of your social media presence, we will craft an SMO strategy that addresses content, budgeting, audience targeting, and reporting for both organic social and paid social.

  • SMO Strategy Execution:- Our marketing managers can support or manage your strategy execution, including everything from campaign optimization to reporting analysis.

  • Social Media Content Production:- Our team of social media content experts can provide social media marketing (like creating social media posts), social media advertising, or management services for every top social media network, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and more.

  • SMO Support:- After project completion, our team is happy to provide continual assistance with your SMO efforts, including tasks such as social network monitoring, community management, and updated strategies based on the latest techniques and insights.

Content Marketing

As your online business grows, it becomes obvious how important content marketing is for your business. And even if you’re the one working on your business strategy or you hire an agency to help you out, one thing is clear: you need to know the full list of content marketing services your company needs.

Here are the top content marketing services that we provide to our client

  1. Content Marketing Strategy

      • Use Keyword Research Tools

      • Check the Top-of-mind Keywords

      • Look for Seed Keywords

      • Prioritize the Keywords You Want to Rank For

      • Select Top Keywords

  2. Content Creation

  3. Content Distribution

      • Link Building

      • Social Media

      • Community & Relations

  4. Constant Content Update

  5. Content Analytics Reporting

      • Organic Search Traffic

      • Keyword Rankings

      • Social Shares

      • Backlink Volume

Email Marketing

As part of online marketing, email marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy today in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). There are two main parts that belong to an ESP (email service provider): software that helps you set up a newsletter, and manage your contacts and forms. The other building block is an email engine that will deliver your newsletters.

We provide the following services in this field

  • Designing clean responsive newsletter/emailer templates using an easy-to-use visual editor that will let you customize your email templates (without any coding). It is your best bet for getting campaigns sent out quickly and efficiently. In this case, I usually recommend MailChimp or Zoho to do the task.

  • Email Campaigns on a regular basis or according to the need

  • Creating Sign-up forms

  • Integration - link up to your other key applications – e.g. your blog, eCommerce, CRM, and analytics tool

  • A/B testing to identify which emailer generates the maximum leads

  • Analyzing email performance reports

Paid Ads on Social Media

Whether you are looking to enhance your brand’s social media presence or drive targeted leads through social media advertising, our social media advertising services can help you hit your goals.

We provide the following services in this case

  • Facebook Advertisements

  • Instagram Paid Ad Campaigns

  • LinkedIn Advertisement

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